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DTF EXPO in Phoenix, AZ

It’s time for the DTF industry to come together, share their thoughts and ideas, showcase their products, connect with new contacts, learn, educate, and much more. SPSI will be located in Booth 41 demonstrating the VELOX DTF System. The Velox is a high-production DTF system and with a staff of technicians supporting each VELOX in the field. 


Over 100 in the industry - all still fully operational!

The VELOX DTF System brings the high-resolution printing that you are looking for without the "plastic" feeling that you'll find with the economy models. We are confident you will be amazed on the productivity, the feel of the print, the cost of consumables, and the ease-of-use.

  • High production speed
  • Produce high performance polyester prints with ease
  • Wasatch RIP is already profiled for color accuracy
  • Simplistic workflow
  • Transfer powder/adhesive is OEKO-TEX approved

VELOX DTF System was designed specifically for making transfers at high-production speeds. This system went through 4 months of basically non-stop printing at 3 beta sites and out performed our expectations. SPSI has sold and installed over 100 systems through-out the United States. 

More info on VELOX

Not only do we install the units but you also receive extensive training on how to use the unit. We also offer free user-group forums where operators get a full hands on experience on the workings of the VELOX.